Cowichan Lake needs a higher weir

Editorial, Times Colonist, September 3, 2016

After years of talking and hand-wringing, those who care about the Cowichan River have to overcome the obstacles and raise the dam. The Cowichan is world-famous for its trout and steelhead fishing. It has been declared one of Canada’s Heritage Rivers. It sustains life and jobs in the Cowichan Valley. It deserves better from us.

20 pumps going in Lake Cowichan to maintain river level during drought

Carla Wilson, Times Colonist, August 26, 2016

Catalyst Paper is installing a $500,000 pump system in Lake Cowichan to maintain minimum water levels required in the Cowichan River.

It’s the first time that the company has turned to pumps.

It comes as the lake, which feeds the river, faces what has been deemed the worst year for early drought conditions, due to low snowpack in the winter and a dry spring.


20 Oct 2015


Catalyst Paper Corp.


21 May 2015


Robert Wickett, Daphne Stancil, Douglas VanDine


Environmental Appeal Board

CVRD to apply for funds to raise weir

Andrea Rondeau, The Citizen, April 1 2015

The Cowichan Valley Regional District will be applying for federal funding to help pay for a possible raising of the weir at Lake Cowichan.

Directors voted last week in favour of getting the ball rolling on a process that is expected to take several years, by preparing an application for the Strategic Priorities Fund.

The deadline to submit an application for the grant money is April 15, which is what prompted the CVRD to take this step even though design and engineering work as well as community consultation has not yet taken place on the proposed project.

"Communication is going to be key," acknowledged Dir. Ian Morrison.

The Cowichan Lake Weir

CowichanLakeWeir-labelledThe weir on Cowichan Lake is used to control the outflow from the lake into the Cowichan River. For much of the time between late fall and late spring each year, it does nothing, and the weir is referred to as "off control" - since the lake level is above the top of the weir.

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