Water Sustainability Act

Water Act less than it seems

Tanis Gower, Vancouver Sun, June 1, 2016

Will we be sucked dry?

This spring, officials in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island had to make some hard decisions about water. Without an early intervention, the Cowichan River was at risk of drying up. An emergency decision was made to start holding back lake water, and by May 27 the river was already at low summer flows. With luck, a trickle will remain until the fall rains begin.


18 Apr 2016


Oliver M Brandes


POLIS Project on Ecological Governance


15 Nov 2013


Rodger Hunter


Cowichan Watershed Board


13 Aug 2013


Oliver Brandes & Tim Morris


POLIS Project & Real Estate Foundation of BC

North Cowichan wants info on local watershed control

Sarah Simpson, The Citizen, April 20, 2013

North Cowichan council wants more information before it supports One Cowichan's plea to the province for local control of the Cowichan Watershed.

On Wednesday, One Cowichan spokesman Parker Jefferson told council now is the time to act, as the provincial government is in the middle of re-writing the Water Act.

"Local elected officials and the public are certainly welcome to make comments to the regulative authorities, but in the end they have no power and the decisions are made by... government employees who don't live in our communities and don't necessarily have all the incentive to make all the right decisions," Jefferson said.


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