What's Your Water Worth?

by David Slade, Watermark, Spring 2015

Priceless Treasure or Worthless Excess?

On this beautiful, wet coast, it is often hard to convince people that we should treasure our fresh water resources, especially when we are just recovering from a typical long, soggy winter. However, there are factors at play that may force us to start treating our water with a lot more respect than it currently enjoys.


21 May 2015


Robert Wickett, Daphne Stancil, Douglas VanDine


Environmental Appeal Board

Cowichan Lake algae non-toxic, expected to be short-lived

Lexi Bainas, Cowichan Valley Citizen, May 20 2015

Parker Jefferson, Cowichan Lake & River Stewardship SocietyBoth area residents and local volunteers saw and smelled a problem as thick masses of brown algae appeared in the waters of Cowichan Lake recently.

The Cowichan Lake and River Stewardship Society is now supplying more information about what led to it.

According to the society's Parker Jefferson, "this algae growth was present throughout the entire lake, [with] residents of local communities complaining about strong rotten organic odours coming off the lake.

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