by Peter Rusland, Cowichan News Leader Pictorial, Oct 30, 2014

Members of Cowichan Tribes trucked adult and juvenile chinook salmon to Cowichan Lake earlier this month and released the 30 fish into the lake.Long-term potential for a new Cowichan Lake weir — plus storage of some 20 centimetres of water next spring behind the current weir — is being discussed by stakeholders after Mother Nature narrowly saved our fish-spawning river.

Cowichan Watershed Board

Chief "Chip" SeymourThe Cowichan Watershed Board’s mandate is to provide leadership for sustainable water management to protect and enhance environmental quality and the quality of life in the Cowichan watershed and adjoining areas.

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FishNavigatesLakesRoad_DebraBrash_TimesColonist_21Nov2010The lower slopes and floodplain of the Cowichan - Koksilah river system contain significant areas of agricultural land as well as rural, urban and industrial development....

Tour of the Cowichan Watershed


From the high mountain ridges in the west, to Cowichan Lake, down the Cowichan River and its many tributary streams, to salt water in the Cowichan Estuary and Cowichan Bay, the Cowichan Watershed is a vibrant ecosystem, alive and rich in natural miracles. Yet there is almost no place in the watershed that does not show the impacts of human activities.

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