It's Hip to Fix a Drip


World Water Day 2019

Its Hip to Fix a Drip!

Final Report of Five-Year Cowichan Water Conservation Challenge

WHO: Cowichan Watershed Board

WHAT: Final report of the five-year Cowichan Water Conservation Challenge, 2014-2018.

WHEN: Friday March 22nd 2019, UN World Water Day

WHERE: The final report is published on the CWB website at Click here for the full report. Click here to download this media release.

In July 2014, in response to extreme summer droughts, a growing population, and concerns about water shortages and sustainability, the Cowichan Watershed Board issued a challenge to all local water suppliers to “meet or beat” Ladysmith’s domestic water use level at that time -- 246 litres per person per day.

The Ladysmith target represented a more than 20% improvement in one decade, and well below the Canadian average at that time.

It provided clear evidence that local residents could do better without impacting our quality of life.

The seven largest water suppliers at the time took up the Challenge.

While one water provider, Cowichan Bay Waterworks District, did reach that goal, and other districts surpassed the 20% reduction goal in some years, overall we have a long way to go.

the Challenge revealed a great interest and willingness among residents to “fix a drip” and conserve water. Approximately 2000 people directly engaged in a water conservation activity with the Watershed Board during this time, such as testing a toilet or garden hose for leaks or pledging to let their lawns go dormant in summer, saving an estimated 10 million litres of water.

Click here to read the full report.

Click here to download this media release.